Logging Tag Change Origin

Hey folks,

I have a system that users change setpoints from both PanelViews in the field and Ignition in the office. I’m already logging changes made from within Ignition and I am looking for a way to track which setpoint changes originate from the PLC.

Is there a way to monitor whether a tag change originates at the PLC or Ignition?

Many thanks.

From a programmatic point of view, since you’re already logging Ignition made changes then you’re halfway there. Any other tag change events that are fired would be from the field.

Theoretically, but I’m using a series of update queries on button scripting to log what settings are being sent by the user. It’s not actually logging changes made by ignition, so much as buttons pushed by users and the associated data.

Perhaps this too can be improved.

Look at Ignition’s built-in auditing capabilities.

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You know, I expected the answer to be simple, but not that simple.

Thank you, Phil.


On further reading, it appears to only log ignition events? If so, thats a great start, but is there any way to isolate the plc events, other than cross-refrencing tag history and audit log and eliminating the ignition events?

Edit: Ideally, if a tag changed and the source was not ignition, I’d like to log to that same audit table. The query seems simple enough, but isolating a reliable trigger escapes me.

It appears as though this post addresses some of my questions, will start exploring options similar to the advised solution in conjunction with Audit logging.

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