Logging values ONLY when process is running

Jeff 29JUN05 - I’m successfully logging PLC readings (flow rates, current, etc) with a group in “OPC->DB” mode with “Insert New Record” selected. I’d only like to this data when my process is running and not “starting up”. How can I do this?

Colby.Clegg 29JUN06 - The easiest way to accomplish this would be to have a bit in the PLC distinguish between “running” and “stop/starting up”. Then you could add this bit to your logging group (marked as read-only so it doesn’t get stored to the database), and then set your group to trigger on this item. On the trigger tab, enable trigger, choose that item, and set your condition (say on “>0” if a 1 represents running). As long as you don’t have the “only execute group once on trigger” box selected, the group will continually execute on each time interval while the bit is set… that is, only while your process is running.

Hope this answers your question!

Colby Clegg
Software Engineer
Inductive Automation