Logically Grouping Many Reporting Keys

I’ve made a new ReportDataSource that needs to return many distinct values; some of which happen to be datasets. I would like to know how to group all these values under a single heading (key) in the report designer tree. I put all my values into a dataset, but nested datasets don’t seem to show their own columns in the tree of keys. You guys have accomplished this with nested queries (you can see the columns of the child dataset by expanding their tree). I’ve considered them being separate keys, but this would clog up the tree in the report designer unnecessarily. What sort of structure do I need to produce from my ReportDatasource to have multiple levels of keys available to the user?

edit: I should add that the dataset of all my values is just a single row where each value has its own column. This was my attempt at grouping the values under one heading.

What version of the reporting module are you using? The display of dataset parameters in the Keys Browser was fixed in 7.8.1.

If you’re already on 7.8.1, let me know and I’ll take a look at our code and see if anything jumps out that you could do.

I’m using 7.8.1. The root level dataset key displays its child keys just fine, but nested datasets do not. It looks like, if nothing else, I could implement the RMKey interface?

Without spending too much time digging through the code, it looks like we’re treating nested queries special and marking the child queries as relations. It’s that relation marking in the property that triggers the folder being made in the Keys Browser panel. But maps and ReportAccessibleDataset should also be getting that mark. :scratch:

Are your datasets wrapped up as ReportAccessibleDatasets?

They aren’t. Didn’t realize this class existed. I will try it out and report back.

I’m surprised I hadn’t already thought to try to put a map in the executionData :/ . I can confirm nested maps and putting a dataset into a map then putting that in the executionData display correctly. As far as I can tell though, nesting datasets within datasets or ReportAccessibleDatasets doesn’t expand the tree. Maybe this is intended? Or at least expected? I don’t know.

Either way, the first options suit my purposes. Thanks, Kathy.