Login Disable for launching Application

I am very new to this platform. I’ve Used windows to create a simple Ignition Edge Panel application that is able to read and write to/from an AB PLC and I need to be able to launch it automatically without any login function. Is there a way to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated

Set permissions to Public in Project Properties under Project menu in Designer:

As noted by @PGriffith, this answer applies to Perspective. See @r.castro’s answer below for Vision.

If you’re using Perspective.

If you’re using Vision, you can enable auto-login in the project properties.

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Thank you very much, it worked!

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thank you for the prompt reply Castro. It’s all coming together now

Please do tag your posts as Perspective or Vision if relevant. The answers can be very different.

With Vision,

I recently switched to using and active directory that our IT department manages and does not allow passwords that don't expire. Most operators of the system do not need to login or if authenticated would not have any useful roles.

Looking for ideas on how to give higher level access to features without forcing login initially.

Played a bit with authentication challenge feature that points to the new active directory while leaving the vision project properties set to the user source that has static credentials. This can work but is not and easy change to update all projects.

I really just need a do not require login check box for vision.

Any ideas?

Use a user source that is a composite: The active directory as primary, but with a soft fallback to the internal default user source. Auto-login to the existing guest account in the default user source.

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Auto login to a generic user account in user source A. Configure user source A with 'soft' failover to user source B, which is an AD-type user source. Give A and B the same role names.
Security setup inside the project follows the typical Vision model - lock down windows, controls, etc as necessary based on roles. Give operators the ability to easily authenticate with buttons that invoke system.security.switchUser.

Or, from a security/auditing mindset... don't use a generic login and retrain your operators. But I recognize the need to be more pragmatic than that a lot of the time.


@PGriffith @pturmel Thanks that should work. These systems are also used without keyboards and in an area with lots of cameras so reducing unique password entry is preferred. Badge reader would be ideal for this.

Thanks again