Login Failed Switching to Administrator Role

For some reason, when I try to switch users (via scripting) using my admin/password administrator credentials it does not work.

I have a classic security roles/users setup. 3 users: default, Operator, and admin. default is auto-signed in. I have a button that then prompts the user for username and password. This works flawlessly when I type in the Operator user’s credentials, but I’ve never gotten in as admin. I have verified that I have the username and password correct. These are the same credentials that I use to access the designer.

Do you have a required role in project properties? If so, does the admin user have that role? (Just having the Administrator role doesn’t magically grant any others.)

Administrator has all of the roles. “Required roles” is a list of all three roles.

This is my full error message

GatewayException: Login failed.
	caused by GatewayFunctionException: Login failed.

Ignition v8.1.16 (b2022040511)
Java: Azul Systems, Inc.

I found the issue. My bindings to the text field and password field were reversed, and my other user has identical user/password. Hence, why it worked for that user and not for admin.