Login fails if special character is used in password


I’m experiencing a strange login problem. Here is the context:

Ignition version 7.8.1
OS = Linux 64 bits
locale = fr_FR
User source = Database (not internal)
Login query :

SELECT surname, firstname FROM users WHERE login= ? AND password = ? COLLATE latin1_general_cs

Using the in-built login screen

I have a user with these parameters : user/abc. He can connect without problem. But, when he changes his password to abç (note the “ç”), he won’t be able to connect anymore (Login failed, please retry).
Changing back his password to “abc” allows him to log in correctly.

More strange. When I try the exact same query in the Database Query Browser (in the Designer), it works with both password (ie. the query returns 1 row in both case).

Further tests shows that accentuated letters in password does the same problem. (Fails in inbuilt login window but success when the query is executed in the Designer).

My guess is that it is linked with the locale.

My question is : Is there a way to make the login page work with special caracters ?

PS: I know that passwords should be encrypted but it is just for the test.