Login on multiple clients on the same computer at once

Hi forum.

I have a setup in a control room with one computer connected to multiple monitors. Each monitor has its own client running with the same project. I’ve made a .bat file for opening all the clients at once. I need to have a login for the clients so I have to login on all the clients separately. Ideally I’d like to only write the login credentials once. Has anybody figured out a solution for this?

If you are running the same project on all monitors, consider using Vision’s multiple desktop features instead. Then it would be just one client with just one login.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve some others issues which makes it inconvient to use the multiple desktop feature. So I’d prefer a solution using multiple clients.

Do you mind sharing the issues? Perhaps this forum could help resolve those.

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Oh, well. Pick which inconvenience is worse. I would not expect you to find any other solution.

If I were to take a guess, it’s because of inconsistent screen numbering in Windows. Just a guess, though as we’re still waiting to hear from the OP.

Do multiple clients play nicer with inconsistent screen numbering? I would’ve thought this issue would be the same either way.

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Only issue I recall was inconsistent placement of message boxes, which I think was fixed a while ago.

More of an underlying OS issue.

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