Login screen

I have a project set to run as an applet with the applet height property set to 1864. When the login screen appears the user has to scroll down the page in order to see the username and password inputs. is there a way to get the input boxes up to the top of the applet window?

Alternatively i was thinking i could make my own login window with the input boxes up at the top of my own window. is there a way of checking credentials against the authentication profile manually?

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You need to make your own login screen. Set your project to auto-login using guest or something. Your login window can use:system.security.switchUser(uname, password)to switch the user on the fly. We are adding a verify username and password function for 7.5.

how do i setup an auto login, but use AD/Internal Hybrid Authentication Profile?

Use the failover setup.

Create an internal authentication profile with the auto login username.
Setup the AD/Internal profile to soft failover to the above profile.
Profit (oops got my plans mixed up)

Thank you. i did not realize the hard and soft failover setting.

I think one already exists, using system.security.login(username,password) right?

yes i found that on another thread and works for me.

Technically, this one will also swap the credentials of the running session. The new one simply checks if the user/password combo is valid or not.