Login without password

I added a few users in gateway using script without adding password for them
Can I login to the project with those users that does not have password?

If the Project | General | Required Roles is blank then the Perspective session should launch without the login screen. The user can then view any screens that do not have permission requirements.

You would then need to supply a login button so that authorised users could access pages with security permissions.

Of course, if usernames exist without passwords then anyone can use them so they are pretty much useless.

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What I observed was that when I try to create a user without entering password directly in the gateway, the user doesn’t get added without the password being entered but when I add a user in script without the password, the user is added in the gateway. But when I login with that username I’m asked to enter the password.

What problem are you trying to solve by assigning usernames without passwords? I imagine that any login dialog is going to expect both a username and password before it will submit for authentication.