Logix 5000 and RS Linx configuration

Greetings all!
I visited with Vanessa and the web demo was awesome but am having trouble connecting my Control Logix processor to the system. I am not sure if the standard OPC UA driver will work… Cause I cant get it to? or if I need to use the RS Linx Driver.
Is there any tutorials or knowbase docs?
This should not be that hard? I am sure I missing something.
My CLX is ip is in slot 11 and my processor is in slot 0
Thanks in advance.

Ok… I got it!
I had been using an L62, L55, and L1 processor and could not connect??
Then I hooked up my L43 processor which has been running a Simulation program and it connected!
Wow, Next I noticed all my Control Logix processors did not have a program loaded.
My Bad.
FYI, always make sure your processor has a program loaded.