Logix arrays get offset one word

I thought this was an issue with the UDT i made in my logix program, But even if I create a DINT[20] the data is displayed in my ignition tag folder as offset by one. When I change the data in ignition it changes the right word tho. Same problem on two separate processors. Using 1769-L18ER-BB1B and V20.11 of logix.

A fix for this should be coming later this week.

Is this an issue with the AB driver and V20? Wondering if I should wait on the ignition update.

Yes, its a combination of the AB driver and the new CLX version you’re using.

Any update on the Allen-Bradley Driver i updated to b196 and still have the same problem.

We were originally waiting for someone else to send in some logs, so we could analyse the logs and figure out a fix. But if you are willing to generate some logs for us, it would speed up the process. You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Create the CompactLogix device in the gateway.
  2. Navigate to Console -> Levels. Type in “CompactLogix” in the box and click Set. This should display some CompactLogix logger names and an INFO logging level. Set the level to TRACE for all.
  3. Edit and save the device in the gateway (don’t actually change anything, just click Save).
  4. Wait for the browse of the device to finish.
  5. Post the wrapper logs here or send them to IA support. Once we have the logs, it shouldn’t take too long to figure out a fix.

Like this?
logs.bin.gz (496 KB)

Try This
logs(3).bin.gz (500 KB)

Any updates?

The fix is in the email.

This has been fixed starting with Allen-Bradley Drivers module version It is included in the current Ignition 7.4 download and will be included in the next Ignition 7.3.