Logix driver and REAL data issue

I’m on Ignition version: 8.1.17 (b2022051210). I’m connected to a CompactLogix version 31.013. I’m experiencing the following issue: an array of 150 REAL PLC tags shows incorrect data for each item that is smaller then 1E-4. When an item is smaller than 1E-4, the corresponding tag shows up as 0 in the tag browser (no matter how many decimal places I configure). Even if the PLC guy changes the value in LogixStudio, no reaction is shown in Ignition tag browser, unless he sets something greater than the magic 1E-4.
Any known issue in the Logix driver?

Thanks, regards

If you edit the tag, does the value show up there?

The reason I ask is because I recently found that very small numbers didn’t show in the Tag Browser, but if I edited the tag, then the value was shown.

Sounds like you still have the default deadband of 1E-4 configured on your tags.

Many thanks, Kevin, you are right: I set the deadband to 1E-7 and it works perfect!
Thanks, regards