Logix Driver fails to read/write CompactLogix 5380 Tags

Ignition 7.9.17
Logix Driver 3.9.17

Hi, We are using the latest Rockwell CompactLogix 5380 PLC running firmware 28 and using Ignition 7.9.17 to develop our project. I have found the Ignition project can’t read any of the PLC tags, showing bad quality errors.
Without any changes to the Ignition project, if I connect to the older CompactLogix 5370 running firmware 28 with exactly the same PLC code, tag structure and network settings etc, the Tag read/writes work.

  • The quick client OPC browser fails to find any of the 5380 tags but finds the 5370 tags.
  • I have check the access permissions of these tags in the PLC and they are either external read only or read/write access.
  • There is no security enabled in the either PLC.
  • I can’t find any other permission settings in the PLC’s.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with the CompactLogix 5380 and Ignition7.9?
Or confirm that they have a working Ignition project (v7 or 8) with a CompactLogix 5380 running v28?

Not sure if it’s helpful, but before upgrading to v8, I was at 7.9.9 using a set of 5069-L310ER PLCs at firmware v30 with no issues.

This is probably the important part. Can you upload your logs?

In the screenshots you sent support there are a couple of the web status page from the 5380 - can you get another that includes both the IP in the address bar and shows the “Browse Chassis” page?

Hi Kevin, thanks for responding.
Note there are no IO modules connected to the 5380 chassis, we are using a ControlLogix remote IO rack and a Wago 750 remote IO rack over EtherNet/IP.
Attached is the requested screenshot.

Hi @Falconb,

I have a 5380 plc here, I will test it and let you know if I find something. Just also beware that v28 is not a great version of firmware. I've got in the past a lost of issues with it (complete lost of plc program).


Have you made sure that the PLC is set up for Dual IP mode and not DLR?

As far as I can see there are no options to set DLR in v28, v30 has this option under controller properties

However as per Jordan’s comment above, that he has had v30 running with Ignition 7.9, so I upgraded my Studio 5000 and the 5380 to v30 and now the Ignition Project Tag read/writes and OPC Quick Client are now working.

So there appears to be a problem or a setting that I couldn’t find, with 5380 v28 and Ignition 7.9.17 Logix driver.


Thanks Jordan, I updated the 5380 to v30 and now Ignition is working,


hi @Falconb,

Sorry, i didn't have time to test it. But glad you have found your issue.