Logix Driver Hello, world!

I have two Ignition gateways running 7.9.10 and Logix Driver 3.9.10. On one gateway, I can view the detailed status of the device on the gateway web page with all its aggregate statistical glory. On the other gateway, when I click on “Details” on the device, I get…well…Hello, world!. What component/driver/module is responsible for displaying the details and why does it not work on one gateway, but does on the other?

Varies by driver. Rather complicated to include, unless you build using the original driver template. I haven’t supported it on my modules so far.

Edit: Any chance one gateway is running what was then called OPC UA “Next” ?

Go to the modules page on each gateway and see if the modules are the same version?

Both gateways are same Ignition version and both have same Logix driver version. However, Phil might have gotten this one because the gateway that works also has the Allen-Bradley Driver installed (suite for the OPC-UA module). The one that shows Hello world! only has the Logix Driver installed. I can’t test this right now because they are live in production. And I guess the other question is, if adding the AB driver fixes it, am I slowing down any overall PC processing speed because of the extra analytics? I believe this is running on an Intel Atom PC and trying to stay as light as possible.

The gateway where the diagnostics page works probably has its device configured using one of the legacy “ControlLogix Driver” or “CompactLogix Driver” options.

The gateway showing the “Hello, world!” template probably has its device configured with the newer “Logix Driver” option, which I do remember having a bug in some older versions that caused it to display the empty-ish template page you’re seeing.