Logix Studio Custom String Write Issue

I have a TCP client on my PLC and I am receiving a string from the server. I made a custom string of character length 480 to handle the incoming data (it is often longer then the default 84 character length). I originally had this custom string as a tag within a UDT. Ignition gives a tag error and cannot read if this is the case. I then created a controller tag of this custom string type and Ignition could read the string accurately. The issue is that Ignition cannot write to this custom string. I get the general write error: “Bad; unspecified”. I am using a text area with direct Tag referencing bidirectionally. I need to write to this tag because I am using PLC data and triggers which are used in an Ignition script to create a JSON string.

Try increasing the CIP connection size in the driver settings (assuming you’re using the Logix driver, not the legacy driver).

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That worked! Thank you

@Kevin.Herron is there anything I can do about the issue of having a custom string in a UDT?

That should work as well. If it’s not there might be a bug somewhere. What version of Ignition are you using? If not 7.9.8… start there.