Logs keep accumulating

our server is starting to run low on hard drive space. I have found that the log folder in the ignition directory is over 5 GB. How do you set the gateway to automatically purge the logs once a certain size is reached? is it ok to delete all the logs prior to todays date?

is see logs starting from Gateway.log.html.2011-07-06

I am running version 7.2.8

Thank you,

Yes, you can stop those files from being created by modifying the log4j.properties file in /Ignition/contexts/main. Just remove/comment out the lines in the block that has “log4j.appender.FileAppender.layout…” and remove the “FileAppender,” variable of the “log4j.rootLogger=…” line.

There are other, better behaved logs so you can remove these html files without effecting anything.