Look up if/where Styles are used?

Might end up being more of a feature request, but is there a way to find if and where perspective styles are used? I tried searching hoping it might find it in the properties items in the view, but that didn’t seem to find any results.

Could you find/replace for the name of the style? Or, if that doesn’t work, you could search the view.json files in the project directory on disk.

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Find/replace didn’t seem to find any references to the style.

It looks like I’d have to go through each file individually since Windows doesn’t seem to want to search context of .json files :frowning:

I just verified that applied styles show up in find/replace. Did you happen to have “All Views” selected to the right of the Views checkbox? If not, it would only have checked your open Views.

Hmm, Maybe I had a typo? I did have ‘All Views’ selected, but didn’t see them when I tried earlier, but they are there now.