Looking for input from USB analog joystick

The current human interaction interface to Ignition is either by cursor control via a mouse, or touching a touch screen with a finger. Are there any methods to read the analog values of a USB joystick. Would like to even go a step further and would even like to integrate a flight controller stick that has even more joystick axis movements.
Purpose is for bot movement and camera control.

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This is an interesting question. Are you developing for Vision or Perspective?

Hi. Maybe you can take an indirect path, mapping the joystick to keyboard and then catching the keys in ignition.
Seems like this software can do that.

The bad news, you will lose the analog interaction, so if you do it without intermediate software it'll be really nice.

Vision is generally capable of this sort of thing, if you are willing to get into the weeds with device interfaces.

I think mapping to keystrokes creates a more supportable solution. If you can't replace the hardware with the same device, you can pick anything that will map to keys. Worst case scenario, you just use a keyboard until a replacement is implemented.