Looking for inspiration: Example use cases for Named Queries, Transaction Groups, Sequential Function Charts, and Alarm Notification Pipelines

Does anyone have any cool examples of the following that you have seen or created?

  • Named Query
  • Transaction Group
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Alarm Notification Pipeline

I am dealing with a lot of legacy Ignition projects, with thousands of tags, scripts, and so on -- but absolutely 0 of any of the above have been created over the years. I would like to put these features to use in creative ways (one day) but I'm struggling to find a good starting point. I can read their documentation all day long but without a project to test them out on, I'm worried they will continue to languish without being put to use.

For example, I already know I want to use the Alarm Notification Pipeline in conjunction with an AirLink module to send texts to our employees, like when a visitor shows up to see them or when a PLC encounters an error. And I am thinking about using an SFC to periodically weigh our internal employee list against a master list and update as needed. So on and so forth.

Any other cool features I might not know about would be awesome to learn about too. Links, pics, videos, etc. are all welcome.