Looking for some help with Perspective running on an iPad

Hello all,

Pretty new to Ignition.

I have a project built up running on iPad minis and would like to be able to have the session keyed to the iPad that it is running on so entries in a database will be identifiable to any particular iPad. Is there a way to grab, say, the serial number of the iPad to accomplish this.

I would appreciate any help.



Have a look in the session props, there’s a client identifier somewhere, I’ll update my post when I find it myself

Thanks nminchin. I saw that, but was concerned when the literature mentioned that it was a “Unique ID representing this device. This is a convenience property not intended/suited for security purposes. May change via device/application re-installs or browser cache clears.” The “May change via device/application re-installs or browser cache clears” being the operative terminology for concern. Thougts?

Yep, that was the one I was talking about. Don’t know of anything else you could use. It would be useful to use the device’s mac address, but I don’t know if it’s possible, especially not via a browser session. It should be possible however via the perspective app or the workstation app, if IA add the feature. Would be good o add an idea for it on the ideas site

Thanks for the info.

I’ll submit that.

Maybe I can try another angle.

I really just need to grab a property that is unique to any particular session so I can use that as a differentiator for data in the database.

I wanted to be able to create a unique number that would represent an individual iPad like a serial number, but I guess I will just use the unique session identifier (id) to differentiate.