Looking for someone to develop a module for me

hi, i’m for someone to develop a simple module for company. i just need to have the java class library for Zebra technology ( for barcode scanner) in ignition as i would like to be able to use it to modify the scanner from ignition. but from what i read in different topic in the forum. just making the library available in the common of the gateway is not enough to be able to use it in the clients.

so basically need a module with the zebra class library.

Pointer to jar file you want to use? Does zebra let it be republished?

We looked into this before at my company, but my java fu is weak and we dropped it in favor of doing the usual programming bar codes for scanners using the Zebra 123 config utils.

The Zebra APIs can be downloaded from their site and for Java follow the JPOS standard. I have not looked to deeply, but the sample applications for Java in the SDK are just JPOS library examples, there is nothing specific from Zebra in Java… I do not think there is much you can do in the way of doing scanner config with Java as most of their API uses WMI or .NET for those type of functions.

What type of “modifying the scanner from Ignition” do you want to do. If you provide some more details that might be helpful, there are a few of us on the forums that do a lot of barcode scanner and label printer work with Ignition.

PS - The only super nice thing that would be cool to do with the Java API would be to access the Image Capture functions of the scanners to do document scanning. This would be great in Vision, but with Perspective, the UX for doing this with a Tablet/Phone is much better IMO.

hi, first of all, thank you for helping me with this. so i only need to control the Scanner. like for example send a command to the scanner of a wrong scan( this could if the operator scans a pallet that is hold, or a pallet that does not belong in a sales order). i do know it can be done thru Java, i just have no idea how. but. i found that Zebra has a Serial Emulator, and Ignition has a serial module, so i just download the serial module demo, and I’m trying to talk back to the scanner. no luck so far but hopefully soon, i will be able to send the command.


Good scan Green LED and one Beep
bad Scan Red LED and 3 high pitch Beeps.

This i what i found from zebra to send the commands back to the scanner. so reading right now to see if I can figure this out. but i do believe that what i need. this Serial Module should do the trick. only downside is that if a different scanner is connected to the PC. the COM port would probably change and this would work then. anyway. first i have to make to work and then ill figure out the COM port problem if that happens.

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There are a lot of resources available already if you are just going to use the serial protocol. Your going to want to use Ignitions serial module. You don’t need much special beyond that, you will need to write/implement the commands you want that communicate over serial to the scanner.

Just like any other serial devices you need to provide a method for the users to select the com port they are using.

We just use are scanners in Keyboard mode and use the PC to flash the colors on the screen and make audio alerts from the computer. For us that was easier to maintain and faster (no lag on sending commands back to the scanner).