Looking for suggestion: Progress indicator for item counts per shift

I would like to show the relative progress towards a shift production goal. I would like to use the progress bar because it has the proper look and can be of a small size without losing utility, but I need something that is more configurable. I need to be able to show progress greater than 100%, and I’d like to use the bar color to indicate how well the process is meeting expectations. I have a few other “performance” metrics that I’d like to display this way. but the bar chart won’t cut it. Any suggestions?

Use the moving analog indicator component.

You can configure different limits on it as you wish. One limit could be target cases, with the overall measure being 125% of target. This is an easy indicator of when you have hit the target, but still display the over production. Configure different colors and etc.

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For ultimate customization you could use the Paintable Canvas. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I bet you could adapt some of the examples on the forums to do what you want.

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Thanks! I’ll give this a shot.

The paintable canvas is an interesting idea. I haven’t done anything with component yet, so it’ll be a challenge, but maybe that’s the ultimate custom solution. Thanks!