Looking for Suggestions on putting multiple tag data in a DB

Hey everyone,
Looking for some opinions. I have bunch of tags I’m monitoring, cycle times and fault bits and stuff like that, I want to put them in their proper table based on different triggers for example when cycle time value changes on the tag or fault bit comes on or goes off. I’m a huge fan of transaction groups but in this case I don’t think it’s the best option since I’d have to create a transaction group per tag since the trigger is different for each tag.
Currently for some of the tags I use the tag event change scripting to insert new data to DB and seems to works fine, I also have some transaction groups as well but I really don’t want to create a bunch more lol. Should I stick with tag even change scripting or try tag historian? I haven’t used tag historian since I discovered transaction groups about two years ago lol…
This is not me asking how to do something, I just want to figure out the best method and since with Ignition there are always multiple ways to do something I figured I put this out there and see how everyone else does this process.

Cheers!!! :grin: