Looking for Support in Germany

Hi all,

I´m not sure if this is the right section of the forum or if my request is allowed or not.
If I´m breaking a forum´s rule please delete the post.

I´m based in Germany, I started to use Ignition at the beginning of the year.
Unfortunately I don´t have enough experience and knowledge to work with it in a proper way and at the moment I have no time for training.
So I´m looking for someone interested to collaborate with me and help me to close the project, the deadline is the end of the year, basically the structure of the scada system is done, I need help for the design of the windows and also to create some scripts, I have in mind something like 100 hours of work, but we can talk about it.
Obviously I´m talking about a real job, with retribution and contract.

If someone here is interested, please contact me.

Many thanks,


Hi Riccardo, I have messaged you. I support a large number of Ignition installs in Europe and would be happy to help.

Retribution? I image some people need that for the code they write… :grin:

I presume that should have translated as compensation.


Yes, in Italian retribuzione (retribution) means pay.:joy:

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Hi Riccardo,

We (DataCapture) are based in the UK and would be interested in helping you. I’ve sent you a private message.