Looking for Touch Panel to run Ignition

Hi, I’m looking for a touch panel, install Ignition and mysql and run it, or the other option is launch Ignition through a web browser on applet mode.

Can you tell me what kind of touch panel can run ignition? I don’t find much information about it.

I found this touch panel but I’m not sure it can run Ignition

You’ll want a computer running some sort of operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux, etc) like this:


In my experience, it’s best to split the touchscreen HMI from the computer itself for maintenance purposes. The bits the users touch take more abuse. There are a number of solid state options out there that can be ‘bolted’ to the back of a commercial touchscreen if that’s the way you really want to go.

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Teguar has some good systems, both touch screen for the client bit as well as headless units for the server.

Noax makes a good IP67 rated user interface as well.

I’ve run the Ignition client on Teguar. Haven’t tried on the Noax, but I’ve played with their hardware before and it is solid.