Looking up tag property against the config provider

This seems to be new behavior since I upgraded to 7.6.x

When I’m browsing the Tag tree (e.g. in Designer), and Tag properties are browsed, I get the following warning in the console for properties which have not been defined:

Looking up tag property 'XXXX' against the config provider. Potentially inefficient operation.

By debugging it looks like there is a search for EntityId and then search in the database.

The tag configuration is held by a TagDefinition and a TagBasedConfigProvider(TagDefinition).

Any suggestions how to avoid this? It overflows the console and it is very slow.



That message is only logged when your overall logger for the tag provider is set to trace. So, I’d say just turn off the logger. (The logging of all of the messages certainly is slowing down your browse)

If it’s a TagBasedConfigProvider, the lookup won’t actually be slow (hence the “possibly”). All of our tags use a different provider that goes against the internal database, which is slow, which is why we have that message.