Lookup Table Dynamic Dropdown Exchange Template: Failed to Import

This is my first attempt at using Exchange. I downloaded and unzipped the Lookup Table Dynamic Dropped for Vision. When I right click Templates in the designer then import. I select the .proj file and I get this error message Can not import a project from a newer version of Ignition Exchange version is 7.9.12, my version is also 7.9.12?

Use a text editor to look inside the beginning of the project file–there’s a header with version details.

Nice tip. Turns out it is labeld as 7.9.12 on the website but the file shows 7.9.13


Can I change these lines and make it work?

Only if the file contains no feature/function modified between 7.9.12 and 7.9.13. Make a gateway backup for rescue purposes, because a broken project can produce weird and catastrophic side-effects. (Don’t do it on a production server.)

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