Loop back connection time out

I am using 8.0.11 Ignition platform and trying to connect OPC connection to local host. I am using opc.tcp://localhost:8088/discovery to connect to local server. But it is always displaying time out. What else can I do to resolve this. I am using Chrome browser for web gateway. I am new to ignition and have started working on it from past month.

The default port for the OPC UA server is 62541. Port 8088 is what the web server you’re accessing the Ignition gateway uses by default.

You should already have a loopback OPC UA connection defined by default, are you trying to add a new one or connect from a 3rd party client?

Kevin, when i use 62541 port for OPC UA server there is a loop back connection but it’s OPC UA connection status says it is faulted.

No, I am not trying to add any third party client.