Loop through list or dictionary and insert values into SQL table

I’m currently stuck on how to handle the data I’ve received back from an API call. First it’s stored in a list in the following format:

{u’lastActive’: ‘2019-01-23T13:50:03.000Z’, u’displayName’: ‘LV70’, u’type’: ‘vehicle’, u’photoUrl’: ‘http://localhost/NLTWeb/images/vehicles/Toyota.jpg’, u’name’: ‘LV70’, u’location’: {u’closestKnownLocation’: {u’name’: ‘760-E1-B2’, u’id’: 13}, u’duration’: 2544218, u’lastSeen’: ‘2019-01-23T13:49:51.000Z’, u’location’: {u’level’: {u’name’: ‘Ramp’, u’id’: 1}, u’isInMine’: True, u’position’: {u’coordinates’: [-65.59204146265984, 0.0005485117435425996], u’type’: ‘Point’}}, u’time’: ‘2019-01-23T13:07:33.000Z’}, u’id’: 10000055, u’vehicleType’: {u’name’: ‘Toyota’, u’id’: 5}}

I then converted it to a dictonary, and it’s now in the following format:

10000024 : {u’lastActive’: ‘1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z’, u’displayName’: ‘U06’, u’type’: ‘vehicle’, u’photoUrl’: None, u’name’: ‘U06’, u’location’: {u’location’: None, u’time’: ‘2019-01-17T17:54:58.971Z’}, u’vehicleType’: {u’name’: ‘Transmixer’, u’id’: 7}}

I want to loop through either the list or the dictionary, map the values that end with a “:” to a field in a table, and insert the value after the “:”

My Googling is not getting me far, and Python is a whole new world to me. Any help is greatly appreciated.