Lose of data

Observing old window with many numeric labels, the values come and go, sometimes they are present but other times they just grey out. I have checked there status in kepserver Quick client and also in Factory SQL tag browser and they look great in these areas. Got any ideas of what I may of done to cause this?

Are you using SQLTags? Is anything bound to the enabled property? Post a backup of the Window and I’ll take a look.

I am using SQL tags for this application but my gateway will not stay connected for very long to do a back up. This is a multihorned system and I was trying to improve it by setting it up as suggested in the multi-adapter article. This does not seem to help either.

Can you explain a bit more about what is going on here?

  1. What exactly does “the value come and go” mean?
  2. What do you mean when you say your “gateway doesn’t stay connected”?
  3. In the Gateway Status webpage, please report the following:
    3a. Statistics Tab / Throughput
    3b. SQLTags tab / Scan Rate (Throughput) for the SQLTags provider you’re concerted about
  4. Describe the general architecture here - where are the OPC Server, FactorySQL, Database, FactoryPMI located, what versions/vendors are you working with, what are the server specs?

I wil do my best:


  1. The correct tag value is displayed for about 2 or 3 seconds and then it greys out, with a tag symbol and a x beside it. (Showing disconnected)
  2. Then sometimes a warning comes up “Gateway Connection Lost”, sometimes I can click on the retry and it will reconnect.
    3a) Throughput of the connect is showing 1.74 scans/sec.
    3b) Throughput for the SQL tags tab shows 4.92 scans/sec.
  3. The OPC server (Kepserver V4.270.416), Factory SQL (, Database (MySQL 1.1.12), Factory PMI (3.3.2 build 2754) are all on local machine. XP Pro service pack 3 operating system, 4 Gig Ram and 575 Gigs harddrive, Dell Optiplex 945 dual core 1.86 processor. Three ethernet adapters two industial subnets one with sceme of 192.168.150.* and other with two scemes 128.2.10.* and 128.2.11.* with a local area connection assigned address of so http: is my launch address.
    Also my kepserver is set for autodemotion on all 36 devices and each device has a seperate channel, but there are several devices offline at this time.
    Let me know what else I can tell you to help.

It sounds to me like you’ve hit some kind of performance knee, and the Gateway isn’t able to respond as fast as the Designer wants it to.

This kind of thing is difficult to diagnose over the forum. When your Designer is open, what kind of numbers are you seeing in the Diagnostics window? (maybe take a screenshot). What kind of CPU load numbers are you seeing out of that server?

Smoke these over, tell me what you think


I took the liberty of resizing the enormous image into something a bit more readable. I recommend keeping the images around 500 or 600 pixels wide.

[In regards to the actual message, I think Carl will be posting soon…]

Ah, ok, you’re having socket issues. Something seems to have gone haywire in your underlying socket stack. I’ve seen similar issues, but they didn’t manifest with this exact error message, so I’m not sure if they’re the same or not.

Is this client on the same machine as your FactoryPMI Gateway? Is this the only client having issues? What operating system? What has changed recently on this PC? OS patch, 3rd party software install?

Nothing has changed to the PC as I am aware of lately, as far as any new software.

Ok, that was an answer to my last question. How about the first three?

OK! Guys it looks like I might of found something this time. (Even a blind dog finds a bone every now and then) It seems like sometime back this machine was connected to the company intranet using a small hub to share a connection with another PC. Well the hub started giving problems and due to some cables having less desirable lengths to them I just put a short cable together with another using a Cat 5 enhanced coupling. Well with willing to try anything I just removed the coupling used a single cable and now everything seems to be happy. But one more question is there a problem that our company sets port 8080 also for our web browser in the proxy server setup?

Ah ha! Its so easy to overlook the simple stuff like cables! Well done.

As for your question, no, as long as the proxy server isn’t on the same machine as the FactoryPMI Gateway they shouldn’t collide.