Losing connectivity to certain Tags

We loss some tags ever now and then, they appear with a green question mark and disabling and re-enabling these tags repairs them.
Any idea what might cause this ???

Are you using Ignition 7.6.x?

Yes 7.6.2

Alrighty. There’s a possible fix for this problem in the 7.6.3 release candidates. I’m also working on tracking down another possible cause, but haven’t confirmed anything so it’s not exactly available. Hopefully we can get it figured out soon as this seems to be a common occurrence for people running 7.6.x lately.

Hopefully It won’t take to long.

Hey Kevin,

I’ve noticed this happens when Ignition runs out of memory and starts throwing up the permgen memory error. I’ve had this happen a few times to me as well and that seemed to be the cause of it in my case. FYI.

FYI - Saw this behavior today on one of our Ignition systems running 7.6.2.
Tag from OPC server persisted in the “green question mark” state until I disabled & enabled it.
Another tag from the same OPC device seemed fine the entire time.