Losing Perspective Touchscreen Functions

I have a perspective project using version 8.1.21
A client is running on a Maple Systems Touchscreen PC using the Ignition Perspective Workstation. Once in a while the built-in touch screen feature on the PC stops working in Ignition. The touchscreen still works in other applications, but no longer in the Ignition app.
The mouse pointer appears to continue working when the user touches the screen, but no click actions can be made on buttons and the built-in keyboard will not popup for a Numeric Entry Field.
Of course if the PC is rebooted all the touchscreen functionality returns. I don't know at this time if closing the Ignition Client App and then restarting it fixes the issue. Next time it stops working I will try that.
Any suggestions?

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This might be an issue in the browser library underpinning Perspective Workstation. It would definitely be worth trying to restart Workstation when this happens. It may also be helpful to enable more verbose JxBrowser logging; if you contact support about this issue they should be able to help guide you through the process, and if it is a browser library issue, we can take it to that company and get it fixed.

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We have this exact issue happening on one of our sites that is currently being commissioned.

We can VNC into the panel, alt-tab or send a ctrl+alt+del and the operators can go to task manager, navigate windows etc fine. Go back to Perspective Workstation and it is still unresponsive to their touches (can see the windows touch circle overlay where they are pressing fine) yet Perspective Workstation is responding fine to us over VNC.

Restarting Perspective Workstation fixes the issue. I have enabled debug logging on the launcher so hopefully it will indicate something. I'm also gathering some more information from site now and will log a case with support as soon as I can.