Loss of historical data after resetting the gateway

Hello, I have restored the gateway, and the historical data that I had before the restoration no longer appear.
some solution please.
Thank you.

Hi @lachguerabdallah, in your restored gateway are all the database settings and tag history settings correct?

hi @matthew.ayre If everything is correct. I’m looking at the historical ones, but only the historical ones after the restoration.

I believe the historical data is stored in the DB, can you confirm that it is recorded there?

Also, what version of Ignition are you using?

yes, the hisotrical data si sotred in the DB. (please see the attached image)
i m usind v 8.0.14

It looks like your restoration has made the historian believe you are logging data from new Gateway. Note the new partition is sqlt_data_3…

I’m afraid I don’t have enough experience on this subject to advise on how to align the partitions so it looks like they are coming from the same Gateway.

yes, surely i have to adjust the tables in the database.
If I come up with a solution I will post it here. Thank you.,

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Hello, just want to ask if you came up with a solution?

Yes, attach a screenshot of the tables to see if I can help you