Lost Alarm Properties (Active Pipeline)

I am using a script (in Ignition 7.9) to allow users to update the alarm priority of a tag using

Here is a sample print of the parameters:
[u’Waste/MCP/BIOLAC/BIOLAC_GATE_FAIL’] {u’alarm’: [[‘priority’, ‘Value’, 3]]}

Executing this script causes my Active Pipeline entry (and some other alarm parameters) to be lost. Subsequent attempts to restore the pipeline from within the tag editor are not accepted. Modifications to the alarm properties do not take after executing the script. The only way I can recover control of the alarm parameters for a script modified tag is to reload my tag export (made prior to updating the alarm by script). Other tags not modified by script continue to function normally.

Following is a sample comparison of a tag from the XML Tag dump before and after executing the script.






Test Alarm Note
First Step/WWTP
Test Alarm Display Path

Is this alarm part of a UDT member tag? This could have to do with the fact that you cannot override individual alarm properties, only redefine the entire alarm. If so, then the only workaround for this right now is to create another member tag which holds the value, and bind the property to this tag.

Not a UDT. The behavior is occurring with any alarm tag in my external . The code behaved properly on another application in version 7.8. This 7.9 application was upgraded and modified from 7.6. Maybe it is related to alarm subsystem modifications from 7.7 to 7.8. I will create a stripped down project and see if I can replicate the behavior: 1.) with my existing tag provider and 2.) with a new tag provider.