Lost all Session Custom Bindings

I was disconnected from my network and when I got back on it was very slow. Eventually, I was able to reconnect and I expected to lose all my work since that last save, which is just the way Ignition works most of the time. But all of the Custom session prop bindings are gone. Every one, and this is a very large project that has taken months to build. Other than restoring the gateway backup, is there anything else to try? I’ve already tried closing and reopening designer.

I feel for you; I haven’t yet experienced this specific case, but recently, I spent somewhere around six hours building a custom Vision template, and at the end, I decided to protect it. Unwittingly, I clicked the protect button before I had saved my work, and much to my dismay, all of my hard work instantly reverted back to the blank box I had started with. Ctrl+z did nothing, and I ended up having to start over the next day completely from scratch.

My point is, we’ve all experienced something like this, so at least you are in good company. Good luck, and I sincerely hope somebody will end up having the answer you are looking for.

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I get frequent reminders to save my work early and often as well. Things work pretty well if you are working on the same network but as a remote worker using VPN, if I lose connection long enough that the VPN also drops, I can kiss whatever work I did since the last save goodbye. I wish there was an automatic backup feature like MS Word or even an autobackup feature for projects like the gateway automatic backups we do every night. For apps under development was could set it for hourly backups and never lose more than an hour of work, even for something sever like what just happened to me.

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Saving early and often is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way many times. This generally happens to me when I get into flow; I start making tremendous headway, and I somehow forget about the save button. I’ll never forget about the time when I lost four hours worth of work on three RSLogix programs, two spreadsheets, and a several HMI pages because of a forced Windows update. Uggh! It’s been quite some time since that happened, and it still upsets me when I contemplate it.

…so Amen to your auto save idea. This sounds like a reasonable feature request.

I added a comment about it to a similar request already shown as in the Planned stage. Partial gateway backup and restore | Voters | Inductive Automation (canny.io)