Lost connection with server opc - the connecton doesnt restart automatically


We are having a problem with a connection to Siemens OPC server, basically the connection from Ignition gets lost for a external reason, last time there a was a black and the plc lost power, when it was on again, the Ignition couldnt stablish the connection again, and it remained in the connecting.

we had to close the connection manually and create it again, we couldnt restart the server because we would lost other services.

this is the log from the logger error.


What version of Ignition is this? Can you get a Wireshark capture?

The log message is pretty clear - the server is presenting some mismatching information that prevents connection, but we can at least try verify this using Wireshark, if the connection can be configured to use no security.

hi, Kevin

to asnwer to your question

This is the version

Gateway | Ignition-zxignition
Version: 7.9.9 (b2018081621)

we could get the wireshark, but it is something very random, we were trying to force the error with another plc, but the ignition worked fine. the problem when it happends we can’t lose too much time, we have to quickly restablish the connection so the plant doesn’t stop. the question is, is there anything we could do to prevent this ? some kind of script that we could write that reset the connection in automatically when this happends.

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If it exists in version 7.9.9 you may be able to use system.opc.setServerEnabled to toggle the connection off and on again. I’m not sure if that will fix it based on your original description, where you said you create it again, which is a little different.

Hi, Kevin

Just to make clear what we do for restablishing the connection, we “delete” the server and create it again.

we don’t shut down the whole application, because it will affect the rest of the servers that need to still running.

if we run the command you suggested it disable and enable the server right? we are not sure how to implement it and which conditions. We are not expert on the matter.

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There should be system tags for each OPC connection that tell you if they are connected or not. Maybe you can monitor those… System, Client, and Diagnostic Tags - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation

Really the best thing you could do is figure out the root cause. It sounds like the server is losing some kind of configuration on power loss that should be saved to non-volatile memory.

Hi, Kevin

That’s weird part, because OPC server restarted (the plc) without problem and we didn’t touch anything on it. we had to back to the Ignition to do the procedure i mentioned.

the root of the problem was a black out, something you can’t prevent, we can’t have ups system in all our network to keep alive everything, and then something in middle gets cut off, and when everything turns on again, ramdonly the ingnition stops comunnicating.

That’s why i was asking for some kind of help, that detects that communication has been lost, and run some script or whatever to reset it automacally.