Lost Connections to ALL PLC's

Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face: I will see what the customer wants me to do.

In an hour or two (once we have support people online) give them a call and see if they can help get some loggers turned on or do some other troubleshooting. Email response times are pretty long right now so it’s important to call if the matter is urgent.

From your screenshots all I can see is that the some part of the connect sequence is not getting a response from the PLC.

got it, I’ll call later.
i still think their IT guys updated something, which caused this, but they say no.
Thanks Kevin

quick question.
they have 2 servers, to licenses.
on the backup server, the PLC’s status seems to be more steadier. Does this make any sense?
I do see them, blip, lose connection, but they come right back.

Might try disabling the backup to see if that helps for now. Maybe there are too many connections to these processors. Do they have ENET cards or a status page where you can view how many connections there are?

Id have to see.
I stopped ignition on the 2nd server, but still same issue on main server.

If you have anti-virus software on your servers that filter all TCP connections, you can get really weird behavior. AV software must not interfere with connections to these PLCs.

I just sent them that Info. I really believe they did some auto update on there servers that caused this.
thanks, Phil.

If this turns out to be the source of the problem, I’ll be adding your case to my list of reasons to deploy Ignition servers on Linux. As an another example. IT interference in gateway Windows OS functionality is already on my list. /:

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I will let you know. A lot of our software guys have the same view, run software on Linux.