Lost Connections to ALL PLC's

Hello, a client just lost all AB PLC connections in their building. All I get is Browse Pending and Download Mode for each PLC in the Config section. Attached is a pic of status.
Any help would be appreciated


ignition 7.6.6
PLC’s ControlLogix v20

Can you ping the PLC’s by IP Address from the gateway?

hello, yes I can ping them, not the giftware PLC, that is a different issue but the other 2 yes.

PLC’s have not been changed since last year. all was working before virus about 8 weeks ago.
ignition has not been changed or updated either.

So when you are logged onto the gateway you can ping them?

The connect time out usually means that the gateway cannot communicate with the IP address of the device.

I’m guessing there is something wrong on their network.

Or they tightened their firewalls after the virus and now the AB protocol won’t go through. (Have them ensure port 44818 is open.)


Thank you I will let them know.

They are saying that there is no firewall between servers and PLC’s. Would you know of anything else that would cause this?

Are the connections “stuck” with these status or do they cycle back and forth? Have you tried restarting the Ignition gateway? Power cycling the PLCs?

Not stuck, cycling. I tried cycling power to PLC’s, restarting ignition, but neither worked.

they are cycling between Browse Pending… and Download Mode

Connected: Download Mode
Connected: Browse Pending…

My customer is still having this issue. Both PLC’s (Cntrollogix) ver 20
ignition 7.6.6
Connected: Download Mode
Connected: Browse Pending…
Anyone else know what could the issue be?

Did someone upgrade all the PLC’s firmware to the latest v20? Because that version doesn’t work with the legacy AB driver. Rockwell closed a security hole, and you must use the v21+ driver for that firmware. Which doesn’t exist in Ignition v7.6.x, if I recall correctly.

If this is what has happened, you have three options:

  1. Downgrade your PLCs to v20.11 (I think that was the last to work with the old driver).
  2. Add an intermediate OPC Server (like Kepware) that can talk to the new firmware and provide the data to Ignition v7.6 via its OPC Client capability.
  3. Upgrade Ignition to a supported version that contains the v21+ Logix driver. I would jump to 7.9.14 to minimize the changes you have to mitigate.

I would do option 3, but that is more $$ upfront. I would say less $$ long term, though.

no nothing has been changed or upgraded. this was all running fine up until last week or before the virus hit.

Please report the complete firmware version in those PLCs.

the PLC is ver 20.12

See my point #1 above.

the 2nd PLC is 20.56 but that is working as redundant. I cant change that right now.
the 3rd PLC is compactlogix 20.14
What could have changed do make them stop working like this?