Lost History data after restarting IPC

Hi Team,

Every time I restart the IPC, I am losing all the historical records. Am I missing any settings or configuration?

You’ll need the Tag Historian Module to save into a database for more long term storage. I guess if you don’t have it your data will only be stored temporarily

Tag Historian Module is enabled

Tag Historian module is activated and I can see the historical data getting saved. However, If I restart the IPC, all the stored historical records are getting deleted.

It would probably be best if you called support and let them take a look.

Does the IPC have a write-filter (memory or disk overlay) enabled? If so, you’ll need to add an exception for anything you want maintained through restarts, like local historian file.


Thanks Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I am looking for your support in fixing one the trending issue.

I have good amount CPU,RAM and disk space in IPC. However, when I try to access the historical data for 10 days in trend page, system goes to non responding state (Red indication). Do we know the root cause for this issue?

Happy to jump into call and provide license code.

You do that through support, not this forum.

You usually have to look at your database for that. And IPC are often not well equipped to run a database. But support looking over you shoulder should be able to figure it out.