M-bus connection

Have a problem with connection m-bus device to Ignition SCADA. I dont have any gateway to translate m-bus protocol to another one. Can you help me to solve the problem, advice some solution?


The best way to do this is by using a M-Bus OPC server, ingition doesn’t have this at present and both Matrikon and Kepware are considering it.

MBS in Germany have one http://www.mbs-software.de/en/products/opc/m-bus-opc-server/

PiiGAB also have one http://www.piigab.com/en/products/software/piigab-m-bus-opc-server-explorer/

you can find others with a goggle search.

Bear in mind that M-Bus will need a connection in the PC via a gateway as the serial connection is non standard.

PiiGAB’s offering is particularly useful as it has a TCP connection http://www.piigab.com/en/products/hardware/piigab-m-bus-810/
or you could just use a M-bus to Modbus gateway and use the tools already available in ignition.