M580 OPC-UA Module

Has anyone used the OPC-AU module that is available for the Modicon M580 PLC. Does it work with Ignition? Any snags?


Interested in this also.

Did this work in the end?

We had a customer that had these, horrible to setup and not entirely reliable. Reverted back to Modbus after 4 months.


The original firmware for the NUA was troublesome to say the least. There have been recent firmware updates that resolved some major issues, I would recommend utilizing the latest firmware (v2.02 when this is posted). I have generally used the "Standard" mode, I haven't had much experience with the "Secured" mode. I've had pretty good success with the "Standard" mode.

I've used it with some other HMI platforms (not Ignition). I lightly dabbled with the module utilizing Ignition. There was at one time a bug where Ignition didn't interface with the module well (it kept dropping connections or not connecting at all) but I believe that was resolved a year or two back with an Ignition patch/update.

It's pretty hard to say no to the module when you get all of the benefits of OPC-UA (versus Modbus). However, of course, Modbus works.

So, not an Ignition experience per se, but we installed these on a project (late 2023) with iFix as the front end and basically a Kepware OPC-UA client. Seemed reliable enough and honestly the stuff we ran into I'd blame on the iFix side. Having said that, we are going for redundant racks and these cards will not "swap" IP addresses on rack failure like most of the M580 comm cards. S.E. promised new firmware would take care of this, but no firmware as of March 2024

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