MAC Address Tag Not Reading

Hello Everyone,

I am working on Gateway 8.0.16 with Perspective, on a laptop VPN’d into our company’s Ignition server.

I noticed that tag [System]Client/Network/MACAddress was blank, both in the tag browser, and when read in a script. My coworker is on the same Gateway but not remote, and gets a valid value for this tag. So a couple questions:

  1. Could this value be unavailable to me due to my networking setup, even though it originates at the client device? All other [System]Client/Network tags are all properly set.
  2. Ultimately I’d like to read this value on a client that has a NAT router between itself and the Gateway. Should that run into issues?

Thanks in advance for the help.

I would be shocked if you get that information through any router, not just VPNs.

What does running this in the script console of your designer yield?

from import InetAddress, NetworkInterface

print NetworkInterface.getByInetAddress(InetAddress.getLocalHost()).getHardwareAddress()

Not that I’m sure this matters - you mentioned Perspective, which does not have access to Vision Client Tags anyway.


this yields “None” for me while on VPN, and a valid value when not. Must be something to do with an active VPN connection causing InetAddress.getLocalHost() to return localhost address vs my wifi address when active / inactive.

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That script returns ‘None’ in the script console.

I haven’t heard of Vision-specific tags up to this point - how do I know which tags are Vision-client specific? Are they not expected to work at all if called within the Perspective framework?

I can understand why the VPN connection could cause these issues. Any guess as to whether this would cause similar issues within a controls network with different router setups?

They are in the “Client” folder and their path starts with “[Client]”.

These only work inside the Vision client application. The analogous concept in Perspective would be session properties.

OK, that makes sense. Thanks for the help, guys.