Mac not showing status/configuration without WiFi

I installed Ignition 7.9.9 on my Mac. After download and install I can open the gateway webpage and see the status/configuration. I then connect to my PLC through a switch. To communicate I disable WiFi (internet) and enable the LAN (hardwired Ethernet) port going to the switch. I can ping the PLC so I have communication, but the gateway webpage will not show status/configuration; I get a blank screen:

When I disable LAN and enable WiFi I can get the info to show up on the gateway webpage but I am not connected to my PLC.

Do I need to do something to get this to work without being connected to the Internet?

What happens if you restart the gateway while the wifi is down?

That looks like javascript isn’t running. Probably a security check in the Mac that doesn’t work without phoning home to Apple.

Without WiFi I cannot get the gateway started. It cannot connect to the server. With WiFi on it can connect. I would not expect the Ignition gateway to depend on internet connectivity.

That makes sense. Does that mean the only way for Ignition to work on a Mac is to have internet connectivity to Apple?

I now have both WiFi and LAN enabled on different subnets, so I can connect to the internet and my PLC. This allows my to get the gateway page up on the Mac. I still have problems:

  • Redundancy says I am connected to the master, which is IP However, it shows the IP address of the master is The subnet of WiFi is 192.168.1 and the subnet of my PLC network is 192.168.0. I configured the IP of the master and backup in Ignition for the 192.168.0 subnet but Ignition seems to be going over WiFi to find the redundant partner. I see both master and backup say they connect to each other but they have the wrong IP addresses, not the ones I configured. I don’t know how this can work.

  • Designer fails on my Mac:

Pretty sure @pturmel was teasing about that.

It seems like there’s something screwy with your redundancy setup or gateway address settings, or something like that.

Kinda. More of a “I could believe it if…”

Well, if he was teasing it is remarkable how well it explains what seems to be happening.

Turns out I forgot the network bind interface. I had it set to Since I have 2 NICs (WiFi and LAN) I set the LAN IP address for the MAC. Now Designer comes up.