Mac OS X install files

Im trying again to load Ignition(now that i have java 6), and i still notice discrepancies in the README file for setup and actual directories created on my system. I have worked my way down the mac os x README and get held up at the symlink, i am directed to go to ‘cd /usr/local/bin’ however i dont have a ‘bin’ in that place on my system. I do have a usr/local but no ‘/usr/local/bin’ as mentioned.
And whether that has anything to do with it or not, i cannot fully install ignition.

Any ideas, or thoughts?

You can feel free to create /usr/local/bin then:

mkdir /usr/local/bin

Also worth noting that these instructions are for if you want Ignition to run as a “service” on OS X. You can get away with unzipping it wherever you want, then:

chmod +x
chmod +x ignition-gateway

When you want to start Ignition:

./ start

And to stop it:

./ stop

These commands all assume you’ve got root privileges at the time. If not, prefix them with ‘sudo’.