Machine HMI options

Hi I have a licensed ignition gateway on my site & I have connected to the existing machines via OPCUA.
I currently have Mitsubishi PLC’s and redlion CR3000 HMI’s (also acting as the OPCUA server at machine end)

The question I have is- if I want to take advantage of the vision client as a HMI on the machines as well… what is the easiest route?

Would I need an Edge license and touch panel PC to act as the HMI?- if so what license would I need

could I just use a raspberry pi with a touchscreen and add this to the machine? (Can I set a raspberry pi to autologon to a vision session and act as a HMI vision screen)

In the latter instance I would keep the redlion cr3000 in the panel to continue acting as a OPCUA server between ignition and the Mitsubishi PLC)


No. If your main gateway has unlimited clients, and is on-site, I would just use it. No further license required.

I have a client that does this, using the RPi's own little touch device. It is cool enough to run the Pi/display pair with POE+.

If you branch out to other machines, you might want Kepware for plant-wide OPC to devices Ignition doesn't support natively.

Thanks for the reply:-) helps lots
I also have a kepware server installed that I am going to trial so sounds like I’m on the right path

Thanks again

We have Pis at my facility which run vm images off a server. I don’t recommend pis for production or critical things. They occasionally freeze and have to be rebooted.