Machine Learning in Ignition_rev2.0

I’m interested in seeing if there are any case studies or examples of user who have incorporated Machine Learning into their Ignition projects. All types, subsets, related materials and visuals will be useful and are valued (Neural networks, Predictive Analysis, Clustering, etc…).

For the Inductive Automation folks, are there any training videos that show useful tips and examples on how to best use ML in Ignition.

We’ve done a couple of webinars on ML in Ignition and we’ve done a session at ICC the last three years (the 2017 and 2018 sessions are unlocked). Ignition Exchange also has our resources from the last ML workshop from ICC.

Another good resource is the Discover gallery entries from ICC. I’m pretty sure several of them have used ML. (Note to self – really need to make a list, since I get asked this regularly).

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These are the Discover Gallery entries that jumped out at me:

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Thanks! I wonder if a ML component might be in the “kitchen” for future development? Or to my ignorance, is there one already out there?

If a user could add said component and then feed it data, that might make for an interesting concept.

We have plans for more ML capability (we’ve already included the functions in Apache Math), but we don’t want to spend time duplicating what’s already working well from vendors like AWS or the CirrusLink connectors.

So if you find things you need / want that are missing from other vendors, please let us know!