Machine Learning Manager - Model type does not accept string columns

Hello. I'm just trying to play around to get a few models trained. I understand that for time-series forecasing a regression model might work well, so I selected a SimpleLinearRegression model, queried some tag history, and manually imported the tag history data (csv)


It says the model doesn't accept string columns, but all CSV files are obviously strings, and without going to much deeper, I'm questioning wether its a problem with the CSV parser, or something else, and wanted to check here first to see if it's maybe just the model i'm trying to play with.

Thanks guys.

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Hi this is an issue with the way the CSV parser handles date columns, directly querying from tag history won't have this issue. We are working on an update for the resource to correctly parse date columns from CSVs. I will update this forum post once we have implemented that update.