Machine Learning Manager Processing models in designer

I'm having some issues getting the ML-Manager to work with process by tag path in an expression tag. It's returning null, but running correctly in the UI for ML-Manager.

When I dug a little deeper it looks like the created models aren't getting added to the Ignition Globals but are present in the database when queried. I've tried adding the models to the Globals using the Handler Class load model but am unsure how to correctly load them, I've tried pulling the model from the DB table machine_learning, model_json column but that isn't working.

My questions are

  1. Why isn't the model being added by default to the class? Is there a config issue on my side. I initially loaded the project with a MSSQL default database but reinstalled the module and updated to a MySQL db as the MSSQL database wasn't working.
  2. What type should I be loading the module in as with the Handler class load function if needed.

Hi @Robert_Clarke, please send your questions directly to the developer. You can click on "Contact the Developer" on the Machine Learning Manager resource page here, and they will be able to assist you with your issues.