Machine Learning Manager question

Hey all,

I was playing with the machine learning manager and ran into an issue. I'm able to create a model but when I try to inspect them, It shows me the inspection view with errors. I have the webdev module installed as well.

Has anyone who tried this resource and faced a similar issue? Am I missing anything during the initial setup?


Looks like youre missing views and probably other things within the project. Revisit the installation procedure and check you did all the steps?

Yes, I tried importing it in the Designer and also directly into the gateway > Ignition Exchange. The only custom instruction it had was to have a default database set under project properties. Not sure what else I'm missing.

Hi @srb, if you are still experiencing issues, please send a message directly to the developer. You can click on "Contact the Developer" at the top of the Machine Learning Manager resource page here, and they will be able to assist you.

You may want to check that the project database is set correctly.

I am facing the issue, can anybody help me?