Machine Learning Templates

At ICC this past year, it was mentioned that there would be some example templates released for other Machine Learning algorithms other than the k-Means one that has already been released, such as the neural networks.

Are there any updates on when the others examples will be released? Or does any one have examples or training I could work through to learn how to implement similar things in Ignition?

As for the KMeans Example, you can find it here, in addition to being on Cloud Templates shortly.

Getting Ignition 8 out the door ended up at a higher priority than the rest of the ML examples, so we’re still working on them. You can expect at least a Neural Network example in the next couple months. Beyond that, we’re also looking at providing a regression example and possibly a few others in Cloud Templates as well. We’ll keep this post updated as we release more.

Machine Learning KMeans Example_2019-02-06_1432.proj (25.1 KB)

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Any updates with regards to the ML progress for Ignition? Have the Neural Network examples been completed and is anything else being planned? Thanks in advance for the update.

We’re in full ICC panic mode right now :wink: so you probably won’t see any additions to Ignition until after that.

You can do the neural network on your own, since Apache math is part of Ignition. You’ll need to do the appropriate imports in your Python script – this blog post has some really good example code you can copy.

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It’s also worth noting that we’ll be releasing some additional materials during the conference. If you’re coming, you’ll see and be trained on using them if you come to the Machine Learning workshops. If you can’t make it, we’ll still provide access to the Ignition project resources after the conference. The exact templates and views that we’re providing will be solidified over the next few weeks.